Strayed Lights Key Art

Adventure through a Dreamlike World in Strayed Lights, Releasing this Month

Embers is happy to announce that its upcoming action-adventure game, Strayed Lights, will release later this month on April 25.

Embers is a video game development studio situated in Strasbourg, France. The team is committed to creating unique and inventive gaming experiences for both console and PC platforms. Moreover, the highly skilled musician Austin Wintory is responsible for the ambitious soundtrack, indicating that it is bound to be exceptional.

According to Alexandre Arramon, the co-founder and creative director at Embers, “Strayed Lights is a story about soothing overwhelming emotions corrupting us and restoring balance. In a few weeks, we hope action-adventure fans of all ages will be able to relate to the tiny light’s journey of awakening and embark on their introspective odyssey. With an immersive soundtrack composed by the talented Austin Wintory and art that evokes a hand-painted feel in 3D, Strayed Lights is being made to inspire people everywhere to have a moment to feel their emotions.”

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What is Strayed Lights?

Strayed Lights invites players to accompany an unbalanced entity of light and darkness on a journey towards enlightenment. Throughout the game, players will witness the entity’s transformation from a lost child to a determined adult, while exploring a surreal world of misty mountains, dark caves, broken cities, and luminescent ruins. The path towards awakening is hindered by violent shadow creatures, but the game encourages players to pacify these monsters rather than engage in combat.

The combat system in Strayed Lights is designed to test players’ skills as they face off against the monsters that stand in the entity’s way. By utilising a colour-coordinated system, players can shift between orange and blue states of being to effectively parry enemy attacks while absorbing their energy. Precision is key, as players must counter, strike, and parry with great accuracy to unleash powerful bursts of energy that can inflict devastating damage. By mastering the fluid combat flow of Strayed Lights, players can successfully quell the monsters’ unrest and help them overcome their inner demons.

You can expect the game to offer the following:

  • An innovative and challenging combat system where you absorb your opponent’s energy.
  • Soothe immense creatures who succumbed to their emotions and face your inner demons.
  • Unlock abilities, progress towards awakening, and witness your character grow from a newborn to an ascended being.
  • Explore dreamlike forests, misty valleys, broken cities, and dark caves, search for ancient relics to unveil the history of the lands, and enjoy an ambitious soundtrack by Austin Wintory.
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Release Date and Price Details

Strayed Lights will be available for US$24.99 across multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GoG on April 25. Those who pre-order the game via the official website will receive a free 120-page digital art book of the game and its soundtrack, composed by the Grammy award-winning Austin Wintory.

Embers, the developer of the upcoming action-adventure game Strayed Lights, has released a new pre-order trailer for the game. You can check it out here.

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