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Adorable Restaurant Sim, Cat Cafe Manager, Available Now

Developer Roost Games and publisher Freedom Games have finally launched their restaurant management sim, Cat Cafe Manager.

Rarely do the fandoms of both cats and managing your own cafe coalesce – unless you own a real-life cat cafe that is. Fortunately, the publisher behind the wonderful To The Rescue! and an indie studio comprised of gaming veterans have combined those two phenomenal elements to bring players the aptly named Cat Cafe Manager. Now, this adorable management sim is finally in the hands of the people. Lead Game Designer over at Roost Games, Rick Sorgdrager, spoke about the experience of playing their feline-focused game.

“Connecting with a happy cat is an experience that just sticks with you […] Cat Cafe Manager empowers cat lovers to create these magical encounters for others daily!”

Rick Sorgdrager ~ Roost Games

You can check out the game’s launch trailer here.

What Is Cat Cafe Manager?

Well, this game is pretty much what it says on the tin. Players will be tasked with managing their very own cat cafe for the wonderful community of Caterwaul Village. You’ll hire new staff to help you out, create tantalising meals, meet the charming locals and so much more. Of course, the most important aspect of a restaurant management sim is building up your own place from scratch. While you may start with nothing, slowly you’ll build an adorable and wholesome place for all to visit. Here is just some of what you can expect if you decide to pick it up:

  • Decorate your very own cat cafe
  • Manage everything from the staff to the food you serve
  • Meet the various locales that frequent your cafe
  • Interact with a whole litter of adorable cats
Cat Cafe Manager - Gameplay
Image Credit – Roost Games

Release Date & Price

Cat Cafe Manager is available right now! You can pick it up for either the Nintendo Switch or PC via Steam. It’ll cost you $19.99 or your regional equivalent and is currently hosting a 20% off discount over on Steam.

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