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Action-Packed Pixel-Art Tower Defence Game, Dwerve Out Now

Developer Half Human Games have finally released their gorgeously stylish pixel-art tower defence dungeon crawler RPG, Dwerve.

If you’ve ever thought that Dwarves, tower defence games and pixel art would go well together, you’re in for a treat. The recently released game Dwerve seeks to combine all of these fantastic elements to create the ultimate game. While it may be the debut title from developer Half Human Games, their experience working on games such as AdventureQuest 3D has allowed them to create something truly ambitious. So, tower defence fans, get ready to be hyped for the next best thing.

You can watch the game’s launch trailer here.

What Is Dwerve?

Dwerve is a tower defence game all about defending your people from an evil Witch-Queen. By utilising the lost technologies of your ancestors, you’ll have a fighting chance of defeating her and her army of doom. Build turrets, explore a vast fantasy kingdom and embark on a journey of a lifetime in this epic adventure. If that isn’t enough to sell you on this indie gem, then feel free to check out the handy breakdown of its features below:

  • Build an array of deadly weapons, turrets and traps to fight the evil Witch-Queen
  • Explore an ancient kingdom filled to the brim with perilous puzzles and enchanting secrets
  • Enhance each of your weapons through their own unique upgrade trees
  • Fight the deadliest of bosses that’ll take everything you’ve got to defeat
  • Meet a colourful cast of characters, discover amazing artefacts and embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure
Dwerve - Combat
Image Credit – Half Human Games

Release Date & Price

Dwerve is available now on PC. It is currently available for 15% off until the 7th of June, making it only £13.16 on Steam.