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A Little To The Left Reveals Cozy Mechanics And Mischievous Pet

Developer Max Inferno released a trailer for their upcoming game A Little To The Left, a “cosy tidy-’em-up” puzzle game about doing household chores.

At the recent Day of the Devs event, Max Inferno showed off their new game A Little To The Left in a brand new trailer. Throughout the trailer, Annie and Lukas, the game’s developers, take us through their house which is the inspiration for the game. One house tour and a cute cat later we are finally shown their cosy game in action.  A Little To The Left is a puzzle game where you stack, sort and organise things around the house. However, nearly every puzzle has multiple solutions which add to the game’s replayability. There’s also that cute cat that can come along and undo your tidying at any moment. Purrfect.

A Little To The Left - Gameplay
Image Credit – Max Inferno

You can check out the trailer for yourself here.

What Is A Little To The Left?

A Little To The Left is shaping up to be a brilliant puzzle game for all ages. With plenty of puzzles from organizing eggs to the contents of your kitchen drawers, there will be plenty to do once the game drops.

Additionally, the developers added the Daily Tidy Delivery event where every twenty-four hours you will receive a new puzzle. These puzzles are based on in-game puzzles that have been shuffled around or changed visually to add new challenges to existing puzzles. You even earn fun badges for completing milestones within the game. 

Finally here is a breakdown of what you can expect when the full game releases:

  • 75+ unique puzzles accessible for all ages
  • Multiple solutions for replay-ability
  • Cosy hand-drawn visuals
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • A mischievous cat
  • A brand-new unique puzzle every 24 hours
Image Credit – Max Inferno

Release Date

A Little To The Left is set to release sometime later this year. It will launch for both the Nintendo Switch and Steam. However, if you simply cannot wait, the developers have made a short demo available for all to try. You can find that free demo over on its Steam store page. And while you’re there, why not wishlist the game to be notified of any future updates.