5 Old School Sega Games That Must Come to Nintendo Switch

Sega recently announced that they are ending their “Sega Ages” brand, after the release of Herzog Zwei on Switch. This is a landmark piece of Sega history. Since 1996, Sega has used this brand to port classic games onto modern consoles. But even though they’re discontinuing this brand, they have confirmed that they wish to continue re-releasing several of their older titles.

I own both a Sega Genesis and a Sega Dreamcast, so I am completely on board with this idea. But of course, the question is, what titles do I want them to bring back?

The obvious answer is to port all the Sonic games but that would make for a really boring list, so here are my 5 old school Sega Games that must come to Nintendo Switch.

5. Crazy Taxi


I remember this game coming out around the same time that Final Fantasy VIII did. I was annoyed that every gaming publication paid more attention to it but there’s a reason for that: Crazy Taxi is fun. One of Sega’s great strengths back in the day was their ability to make a fun arcade experience in your home. Crazy Taxi is a shining example of that.

The whole gimmick of being a cab driver trying to get their customers from Point A to Point B as fast as possible is far more fun than it has any right to be. This one was yet another amazing game in the Dreamcast’s incredible library. I think that people would enjoy it coming around again.

4. ToeJam & Earl

This one is a little stickier because Sega doesn’t actually own this one. But ToeJam & Earl was one of the iconic games for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. I vividly remember going to play it at my cousin’s as a kid. This quirky, offbeat, roguelike explorer is incredibly wacky and out there. Much like a lot of games published by Sega in the early Nineties, this game feels experimental. But it also feels like a work of genius. The original ToeJam & Earl almost feels like the modern indie scene, except with a touch of the ’90s.

Ideally, I’d want a port or remake of this to include the option to online multiplayer via Switch online. Even if they did a straight port, I’d definitely appreciate being able to relive and share the wacky ’90s shenanigans with the integral local co-op.

3. The Rest of the Phantasy Star Games

I’m cheating a little bit here, but I feel this one is a no brainer. The original Phantasy Star game has already released on the Switch but that isn’t enough. The game is a classic except it definitely shows its age. The re-release offered a couple of quality of life enhancements to increase quality of the overall experience.

Since we go the first game, why not the rest of the series. I find it hard to believe that they aren’t at least considering it. A lot of other classic JRPGs are getting ported to the Switch. We’ve got several Final Fantasy games, a couple of Dragon Quests, why not some more Phantasy Star? These are fantastic games (especially the fourth one), with a much different atmosphere and tone than its competitors on the SNES. A second life on the Switch, with a couple of translation and quality of life tweaks, could definitely entice a whole new generation of gamers.

2. Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin is another one that may be tricky due to legal reasons. In 2016, Sega and series creator Ed Annunziata reached a legal settlement on who owns the rights to this franchise, the details of which have not been revealed. This is another great example of an original Sega published game. When you try to describe these games to someone, it almost sounds like some sort of drug trip. You’re a dolphin and aliens have abducted your pod. You must explore the ocean depths, meet an ancient being and time travel to thwart the enemies. Seriously, how weird does that sound?

And yet, it works. While the Genesis isn’t exactly known for being the most graphically capable of the 16-bit consoles, this was such an intriguing and colourful franchise. The ocean environments felt alien yet made perfect sense. The gameplay is challenging and I’ve never been good at these particular games, but I genuinely enjoy exploring the world as a dolphin. I would love for any and all of these to get a port or remaster on the Switch.

1. Skies of Arcadia

I remember seeing the ads for Skies of Arcadia and thinking it looked way more ‘anime’ than I remember Sega being on the Genesis. Since I didn’t have a Dreamcast and neither did any of my friends, I missed out on this one.

Fifteen years later, when I finally got a Dreamcast, this game became one of my favorite games Sega ever made. It’s a labor of love by the people who brought us Phantasy Star. Emerging in an era of angst-filled JRPG protagonists, it is a refreshing breath of optimism and hope. The various floating continents, the sky pirates, exploration and swashbuckling action are all things that almost feel like they were made to appeal directly to me.

I’ve been itching for a new port so that all of my friends can experience it. This is genuinely one of my favorite video games of all time and I am praying Sega will notice the attention some other contemporary JRPG rereleases have gotten and do an HD remaster of Skies of Arcadia.

Obviously, this isn’t even close to all the Sega franchises out there that need more love. What are some of the ones you want to be ported or remastered for the Switch? Or even for other platforms of your choice? Do I have bad taste in Sega games? Leave us a note in the comments, and tell us your thoughts!