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The Game Expo 2024: All Games & Tabletop

The Game Expo for 2024 takes place on March 23 and 24, and here are all the games and tabletops for this year’s Melbourne convention.

Melbourne’s The Game Expo is returning once more with a massive amount of content for players to experience. Those who are curious about which indie games will be featured at the convention this year should be prepared for some exciting showcases; the same goes for the selection of tabletops. Below, we outline each game and tabletop that will be featured at The Game Expo for 2024.

All Games at The Game Expo 2024

The Game Expo will feature several indie game titles for people to experience, including local in-development games that you’ll have the chance to play early. Below, we list every game that will be included in this year’s The Game Expo.

  • Zodiac Mountain: A roguelike deckbuilder that takes you on a resolute panda’s spiritual journey.
  • Cyber Paradise: Revive Mini the Dog with 2D roguelite actions and uncover an in-depth dystopian narrative.
  • Lighthaze World: A cozy 3D puzzle platform game for adventure lovers where your decisions shape the experience.
  • Servonauts: Overcome traps, pipes, and one another in a space-aged couch co-op party game for up to 4 players.
  • Matchmaker: Dungeon Heart: A narrative-driven monster dating and romance simulator including match-3 gameplay.
  • UWU – Universal Weebs Unlimited: VR Games.
  • Drăculești: Horror Romance Visual Novel located in Castle Dracula.
  • High School Hills: Dreams & Nightmares: Play as the teenager Bow, who moves to High School Hills as she encounters real-time combat, puzzles, and a choice-driven story in a top-down, pixel-art adventure.
  • Dragon of Saiyu: Play as the young aspiring monk, Sanzang, and defeat powerful enemies in a retro 2D platformer style.
  • Spelly Cat: Rescue your owner in an all-ages game that features randomly generated word games, jigsaws, mazes, and block puzzles.
  • Foodomina: Play as two girls who try to save the universe in a fantasy sci-fi world made of food planets and civilizations.
  • Dolven: Craft combinations of cards to form potent synergies in this turn-based RPG that features card-hand formation gameplay.
  • Footy Bash: Experience a fast-paced, retro football game with dynamic gameplay, up to 1-4 players.
  • Crush Zone: Demolition Derby: Do whatever it takes to win the grand prize by using weapons, knocking into opponents, placing lethal traps, and ramming other players into walls.
  • Bullcrap!: A multiplayer turn-based bluffing card game where you can play dirty and change the rules as you race your friends to offload your cards.
  • CO2 Catcher: A mobile game where you must save the environment and explore technology that decarbonizes it, with additional power-ups.
  • Polar Pathways: An all-skill level, cozy, wholesome adventure game where you play as a small penguin in a big world.
  • Which Way Up: Space Olympics: Compete in multiple events against your friends, including gravity gymnastics, outrunning the pull of a black hole, and launching your friends into space itself.
  • Office Fight: After being laid off by Mega Corp, which literally kills you from devastation, you must get revenge on your office in physics-based chaos and ragdoll brawls with co-workers.
Drăculești, Image Credit – Fine Feathered Friends

All Tabletops at The Game Expo 2024

The Game Expo will also feature several tabletop games, and you can be part of the first to playtest the selection. Below, we list every tabletop game that will be included in this year’s The Game Expo.

  • Kitsunedo: This is an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master fast-paced battle royale card game where players need to use strategy, bluffing, and social psychology to win.
  • Travel Bug: This family-friendly board game takes players on a virtual trip around Australia, where they’ll collect photos of landmarks, plants, and animals, all while earning points by collecting souvenirs and traveling.
  • Frayed Ally: Play as anthropomorphic characters with distinct traits in this fast-paced card game that needs quick and tactical thinking, featuring mystery, strategy, and elements of luck through bombs.
  • Nabstone: Strategically collect gems to achieve the highest score as you play this competitive card game featuring a unique scoring system designed for 2-4 players.
  • Striker: A science-fiction role-playing game where players can play into a space opera or noir-style cyberpunk-like adventure.
  • The Score: A storytelling game where players tell the tale of a heist of a lifetime with 18 cards in 18 minutes that combines elements of RPGs, prompt games, and card games.
  • Those Who Dare: Create your characters and develop skills in any era of human history where stakes are high, featuring high-reward gameplay with simultaneous turns, including a fast-paced system for this tabletop role-playing game.
Frayed Ally, Image Credit – Button Fox

That’s everything you need to know about which games and tabletops will be featured at The Game Expo for 2024 on March 23 and 24. If you have more questions about The Game Expo, you can visit their FAQ here. However, if you’d like to find more information regarding The Game Expo, feel free to check out our Guide Hub.


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