Candy Crush All Stars

The Candy Crush All-Stars Competition Is Back With 1 Million Dollar Prize Pot

It’s time to brush up on those Candy Crush skills as this year’s Candy Crush All Stars Competition returns with a 1 million dollar prize pot.

The world’s biggest mobile game, Candy Crush Saga, is celebrating its biggest All-Stars Competition ever in 2024. Players will have a chance to win a massive 1 million dollar prize pot, which is 4x larger than it was in 2023.

When Does the Candy Crush All-Stars Competition Begin?

All Candy Crush players from around the world who are 18 and over and have reached or above level 25 will have the chance to compete in the Candy Crush All-Stars Competition’s qualifiers. This will begin on Thursday, March 28, 2024, and finish on Friday, April 5, 2024. After this, Candy Crush will feature multiple knockout stages and a series of leaderboard challenges to determine the ten finalists competing in the 2024 grand finale. Players will be able to compete in this competition anytime, anywhere, as there are no designated times to compete.

Todd Green, General Manager of the Candy Crush Franchise at King, says, “With 4 Candy Crush All Stars tournaments already completed, we’ve shared so many amazing experiences with our players. We’re bringing together people who love our game for a tournament like no other. Candy Crush All Stars players know how to have fun while enjoying a great competition – and this year, we’re bringing a record-breaking prize pot to level up the rewards and to continue to surprise and delight our players.”

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It should be noted that the 10 top players will be invited to battle at the live final in Los Angeles. Finalists will go head-to-head in this life-changing experience to claim a portion of the 1 million dollar prize pot, all while one person is crowned the 2024 All-Stars Champion.

Candy Crush All Stars 2023 winner Jay from New York can attest to the life-changing nature of the much-anticipated competition: “I remember running off the stage after I won and a family member went up to me and said ‘No one in this family has been the best in the world at anything, congratulations.’ Candy Crush champion of the world. Can I say that? So crazy!”

Candy Crush Saga is free to download and play on iOS and Android, so if you think you’re good enough to compete, you won’t have long to brush up on those skills. You can visit their official website if you have any questions or want to learn more about the competition.