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Story-Driven Life Sim, Spirit Of The Island, Coming To PC In 2021

Publisher META Publishing and Brazilian solo developer Alex Kikuchi have announced a brand-new story-driven life sim RPG, Spirit of the Island.

For fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley or the recent and absolutely brilliant Cozy Grove, Spirit of the Island might be your next life sim fix. The developer, Alex Kikuchi, is starting a Kickstarter campaign for Spirit of the Island soon. The Kickstarter will focus on console versions and cross-platform multiplayer support, which sounds promising. If you’ve wanted a more story-driven life sim, then Spirit of the Island is set to meet your needs. It “doubles down on story elements in a life sim RPG”, which sounds ideal for me, as I have recently criticised a life sim for having very little to do.

Image Credit – Alex Kikuchi

What Is Spirit Of The Island?

Spirit of the Island is a story-driven life sim RPG set on a tropical island. The player’s job is to help the local town to become a thriving tourist destination as it currently lays in ruins. You’ll interact with the island’s residents, help with restorations and contribute to revitalising the island back to its former flory. There’s a ton to unpack with Spirit of the Island, but its main selling point is its more story-driven core. So, here’s just some of what Spirit of the Island has to offer:

  • Visit a vast and vibrant island packed with exotic locations for you to explore
  • Restore the island to its former glory by tending to farms and animals, assisting the villagers and restoring the ruins
  • Explore this beautiful tropical resort with a friend
  • Fight pirates, uncover sweet loot and discover the secrets of the island
  • Entertain tourists as the come and visit your resort
Spirit of the Island - Gameplay
Image Credit – Alex Kikuchi

Release Date & Price

Spirit of the Island’s Kickstarter is coming soon, and you can visit it here to follow it and be notified when it launches. The full game is currently scheduled to release on PC in Q4 2021. Let us know down in the comments below what you think about Spirit of the Island.

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