Restless Soul: Dad Joke Adventure – PC Review

For all the death we gamers partake in, it often remains a difficult topic to discuss. I can’t help but think of those passionate moments clinging to the last bit of HP. It’s funny how insignificant those clutch moments feel compared to real-life experiences. Regardless of your familiarity with the subject, death has a habit of coming when you are least prepared for it. Developer Fuz Games tackles the subject of death with comedic flair in the bullet-hell lite adventure Restless Soul.

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“Enjoyers of dad jokes will likely revel in the antic taking place between the main group and random characters.”

Restless Soul is simple in its execution. Along with its grayscale world, and 2D sprites, the game leverages strong retro vibes in all the best ways. You explore, engage with NPCs, dash, shoot, and solve puzzles, on your journey to make it back to the world of the living. This, however, is not a journey you take on alone. You as the player help guide a nameless soul through the world. You are aided by a less than courageous dog named Woof, and a snarky narrator in search of eight keys. These keys are meant to unlock the portal to the world of the living, where your now deceased friend wishes to return.

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Of course, all of this means a ton of fourth wall breaks, of which I am a massive fan. Enjoyers of dad jokes will likely revel in the antic taking place between the main group and random characters. In opposition to your friends is the evil Dr. Krull, who wishes to raise an army. Knull also wants the keys and employs several henchmen, including the Grim Reaper, to his cause. Most of these characters are incompetent, giving the narrative a very slacker aesthetic-inspired motif.

“The freedom of control makes Restless Soul great for just enjoying the story and slapstick humor, but also engaging for those searching for action. “

As a bullet-hell Restless Soul is far from difficult. The game features a player strength multiplier and God Mode to adjust combat to your liking. The freedom of control makes the game great for just enjoying the story and slapstick humour but also engaging for those searching for action. Outside of shooting and dodging, various mini-games pop up as you explore. Many of these are short but are great at mixing things up between sections. This is very welcome as the text sections can feel long, and are often heavy between combat areas. That being said, it’s a great game for those looking for a ton of laughs or just some mild combat to pass the time.

Restless Soul is now available on Steam ($14.99).

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PC; code was provided by the Publisher.

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Restless Soul Review
While not very challenging, Restless Soul offers a fun experience with its retro themes and copious amounts of humor. You can adjust the difficulty to make things laxer or ignore damage and just take in the story for what it is. With plenty to explore and 100 NPCs to interact with, you'll have a hard time not chuckling while enjoying this indie gem.
Retro 2D Greyscale aesthetic
Tons of hidden objects
Very Humours
Low difficulty for a bullet-hell
Occasional lengthy blocks of text