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Meet Your Maker is Completely Free For PC And PlayStation Players This Week

Meet Your Maker, the first-person outpost raiding shooter, is available for free on both PC and PlayStation.

Montreal-based studio Behaviour Interactive’s outpost shooter is available on both PlayStation and PC. It’s a thrilling FPS where players must raid outposts filled with traps in order to reach the end and acquire the resource stored deep within the outpost. You can check out our review here.

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What Is Meet Your Maker?

Released in April 2023, Meet Your Maker pits players against outposts that serve as a labyrinth and a residence full of deadly traps and enemies. Playing as “The Custodian”, you are tasked with collecting GenMat (Genetic Material).

The resource is hidden deep within outposts and players must brave them to collect it in order to save humanity. Sadly, a disease has destroyed most of humanity and the GenMat is the key to restoring the world.

Players can raid outposts in single-player, ones created by players online, or create outposts of their own to test others. This gives players endless amounts of replayability.

Meet Your Maker Free Trial and Sale Details

Behaviour Interactive is celebrating the release of its first content drop, Sector 1: Dreadshore with the release of a free trial for the game.

The content will bring new cosmetics, environments, building materials, and more. Players get to experience everything the game has to offer as well as the newest content pack. Any progress that is made throughout the trial will also carry over to the full game if players wish to purchase it and continue on their mission.

Players also get a bonus of picking up the game with a 35% discount. The sale ends on July 5th for PlayStation and July 13th for both PC and Xbox. If you were previously interested in the game, now is the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

The trial runs from June 27th to July 3rd on both PC and PlayStation. An Xbox trial is expected to run at a later date.


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