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Gerda: A Flame in Winter: Liva’s Story DLC – PC Review

Gerda: A Flame in Winter is an in-depth narrative adventure that teaches you about history while you uncover the secrets of the town. In the original game, you play the entire story from the perspective of Gerda, which is why the Liva’s Story DLC is exactly what you need after the emotional storyline for the main game.

In Liva’s Story, you experience another character’s story, much different from Gerda’s. Uncovering more secrets about beloved characters and learning why the Resistance was sabotaging the factory.

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“Learning about these characters in a new environment is eye-opening for why certain characters are the way they are”

In Liva’s Story, you discover what happened to Liva before the events in the main game. Liva emerges as the leader of the resistance in Tinglev, supported by a small team. Following a failed mission in Copenhagen under their previous leader, Viggo, she finds herself in the quaint town, where she must meet with the local Resistance, consisting solely of Anders and Peter. It becomes evident that their accomplishments have been minimal thus far, which prompts Liva to elevate their performance.

As the story unfolds, you delve deeper into the characters bringing forth intriguing discoveries. It becomes apparent that Peter possesses a daring and impulsive disposition, while Anders leans towards a more calculated and strategic approach. The contrasting qualities of these best friends make them a complementary duo.

Exploring their personalities within this fresh setting sheds light on the origins of their individual traits and behaviours. Particularly, it offers valuable insights into Anders’ character, allowing for a greater understanding of this pivotal figure who was not extensively explored in Gerda’s narrative. This newfound knowledge adds a compelling dimension to the story, enriching the reader’s connection with such a significant character.

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“Being in Liva’s predicament shows us the other side of hardship.”

Liva’s Story serves as a concise and easily comprehensible prequel that delivers a straightforward narrative. The game mechanics are streamlined, focusing on three core attributes: caring, dutiful, and furious. This allows you to shape your identity as a leader. Other characters in the game respond empathetically to the choices you make, reflecting their compassion. Through Liva’s perspective, you gain firsthand experience of the responsibilities and dilemmas faced by a leader within the resistance group formerly situated in Copenhagen.

As Liva, you hold the power to decide which missions to undertake and what decisions to make that directly impact the storyline. Being in Liva’s predicament shows us the other side of hardship. In contrast to Gerda’s Story, where the focus lies on saving her husband, Liva’s narrative revolves around safeguarding the entire group and doing what is morally right. Her unwavering determination to effect positive change drives the plot forward.

Despite being an additional instalment in the narrative choice genre, Liva’s Story manages to deliver valuable insights into these beloved characters despite its short playtime. Similar to Gerda’s Story, it suffers from occasional controller bugs and limited voice acting. Nevertheless, these minor drawbacks do not detract from the overall experience. The simplicity of the story and the decision-making system provide ample replayability. There are still many choices to be made in your second or third playthrough.

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“This DLC is a must-play after the main story”

As this DLC is a prequel, it surprisingly does not matter what order you play Gerda: A Flame in Winter or Liva’s Story. They slot perfectly alongside each other. But the playing of this DLC is a must-play after the main story, as understanding the repercussions in the main narrative from Liva’s actions is satisfying.

Liva’s Story is the perfect counterpart after Gerda, as we see the other side, the beginnings of Gerda’s Story, and the makings of the Tinglev Resistance. It DLC responds to the unanswered questions from the main story. Its run time is complementary to the longer story you just completed and is packed with all kinds of information. Learning of Liva’s past is a crucial part of understanding Gerda: A Flame In Winter.

*Disclaimer: Reviewed on PC; code was provided by the Publisher.

Liva's Story DLC Gerda
Gerda: A Flame In Winter - Liva's Story DLC Review
Liva's Story is the much-needed counterpart after the game: Gerda: A Flame In Winter. It's short and easily understood game mechanics and choices make this a refreshing experience after the main story.
Easy to understand
Good sized story
Detailed characters
Controller bugs
Little voice acting