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Is Baldur’s Gate 3 Coming to Xbox?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently out now on PC and heading to PS5 in a few weeks, but players are wondering if it will also be playable on Xbox.

Many are playing the game on PC right now and while it heads to the PlayStation 5 soon, not all consoles have not been so lucky. A version for the Nintendo Switch is currently not planned, so fans on the Xbox are wanting to know if they will get the chance to play.

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Will it be on Xbox?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently on PC and heading to Mac and PS5 in a couple of weeks on September 6, 2023. But those within the Microsoft family of Xbox are wanting to know when they get to experience the game. There is both good news and bad news for players on the console.

While Larian Studios looks to bring the game to the next-generation Xbox Series X/S, a specific release date for the title has not been revealed, in fact, the opposite, unfortunately. Larian Studios’ Director of Publishing, Michael Douse has said that technical issues have caused the game to be delayed on Xbox and it won’t be released until they iron them out. So until more details emerge on the development progress for that version, it is not heading to Xbox in 2023.

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What is Baldur’s Gate 3?

Since its release on August 3, 2023, for PC, the game has garnered frequent mentions. For those who may be unfamiliar, it is an RPG developed by Larian Studios. This game stands out from others due to its unique gameplay mechanic that heavily relies on a dice system. The dice themselves affect combat encounters that the players will take part in, including attack damage and critical chance. It also features a strong narrative for players to enjoy.

The story of Baldur’s Gate 3 sees the player’s character fending off an invasion of a squid-like alien known as mind flayers. However, things are dire, as the character is infected with a bug that is slowly turning the player into one of them. In a race against time, players must figure out what it is and how to remove it, while also contending with and repelling the invasion of their land.

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