LGBTQ+ Visual Novel, When The Night Comes, Out On Steam

When The Night Comes - Feature Image

Indie developer Lunaris Games have released their queer, narrative-driven, supernatural visual novel, When The Night Comes, onto Steam.

Released back in 2018 onto Lunaris Games’ page, When The Night Comes has seen quite the update since. In 2020 the developers announced they were moving the game over to Unity, improving the art and UI as well as adding mini-stories. Since then, they’ve added voice acting as well as numerous other changes in what they referred to as the “ReVamp” version. Now, the new and improved version of When The Night Comes is finally ready and available on both and Steam.

Image Credit – Lunaris Games

What Is When The Night Comes?

When The Night Comes is a queer, narrative-driven visual novel that puts the player in the role of a Hunter. Your task is to help the little town of Lunaris solve “unsettling and unexplained supernatural murders”. Along the way, you’ll encounter all sorts of creatures from witches and vampires to demons and Lycans. According to the developer, When The Night Comes is “an inclusive story about finding a home and a family in the most unlikely of places.” Here is some of what you can expect in When The Night Comes:

Image Credit – Lunaris Games

Release Date & Price

When The Night Comes is available right now on Steam and It costs $12.99 on both platforms.

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