Unboxing: Nintendo amiibo Joker and Hero Character Figures

This unboxing video features the Nintendo amiibo Joker and Hero Character Figures from Super Smash Bros.

Amiibo is Nintendo’s answer to toys-to-life games. Similar to Starlink, amiibo are figures which connect to Nintendo consoles in order to enhance the player experience. One amiibo may work with multiple games and can offer the player, new outfits, Power-ups, DLC or other bonuses. You can check out the full unboxing video below.

Nintendo amiibo Joker and Hero Features:

  • Touch your amiibo figure to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller to bring it to life in the game.
  • Train your amiibo to supercharge its stats and expand its abilities. Customize special moves for your amiibo.
  • Take your amiibo to a friend’s house and pit your amiibo against your friends’ amiibo figures.
  • Fight against your own amiibo to teach it new tactics.
  • Team up with your amiibo and fight together.