UA: Draconic Options, Great News For Dragonborn Fans

Draconic Options Poster

Wizards of the Coast‘s newest Unearthed Arcana, Draconic Options, unveils some exciting new variances to the Dragonborn race, a fresh look at Kobolds, as well as some new feats and spells inspired by our scaled friends.

Draconic Options – Races

Draconic Races

Until now, the only variance available for Dragonborn was the colour of their scales. Now, Wizards of the Coast have created three distinct subrace options; choose between Chromatic, Metallic, or Gem Dragonborn.

Each subrace features an ancestry which determines the type of damage your Dragonborn delivers with their Breath Weapon, and Draconic Resistance which grants you resistance to your ancestral damage type as well. Additionally, each gains a distinct feature or two as follows:

Image Source: Wizards of the Coast

The Kobold Option

The Kobold is another race of creature related to dragons. In Draconic Options, the playtest material grants Kobolds the following interesting features:

Draconic Options – Feats

You don’t need to be a Dragonborn to inherit the power of dragons with these new feats.

Image Source: Wizards of the Coast

Draconic Options – Spells

This issue of Unearthed Arcana includes a total of seven new and exciting spells ranging from levels 2 to 7 and inspired by the magic of dragons. For brevity, here we will list the spells’ titles and brief summary of what they do; for the specifics, head over to the official Unearthed Arcana page.

So that’s it this time; let us know in the comments what you think! And if you’re itching for more Dungeons & Dragons content, check out our last Unearthed Arcana post detailing the Folk of the Feywild. Or have a look at our press announcement for Dark Alliance, the D&D video game coming this summer!

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