Those Years I Opened a Zoo Episode 1 – Mini Review

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Those Years I Opened a Zoo is about a man who is in line to collect a large inheritance. To his surprise, he finds what he has actually inherited is a zoo! Now he must learn to care for the exotic animals with the help of some quirky characters.

Overall, it looks like a fun premise and the characters stand out. There is some mystery to the zoo and its origins as well. There may even be some fantastical elements at play.

However, the pacing was a little slow, and some of the jokes fell flat. It was a bit disoriented at times, especially during the dream sequence. I’m still looking for that spark to get me invested.

I plan to watch the first episode of every new show that is coming out this season. If you want to know what to watch, and what to stay away from, follow this series.

These Years I opened zoo header
Those Years I Opened A Zoo S01E01 Review
Sometimes, it's nice to relax with something simple and easy to follow. This show might fill that niche. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then give it a shot. If not, I can't recommend it considering it hasn't done much to stand out in the first episode.
Easy to Follow
Strong Characters
Slow Pacing
Flat Jokes
No Spark
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