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Restore Nature In The Reverse City-Builder Terra Nil

Devolver Digital has announced that they will be publishing developer Free Lives’ reverse city-building game, Terra Nil.

Terra Nil was initially released on itch.io by two developers from Free Lives’, vfqd and elyaradine. Now, in partnership with renowned indie publisher Devolver Digital, they hope to create a full release based on their itch.io prototype. It has seen huge success on itch.io, with hundreds of players praising it in the comments. It is still available over on itch.io for free, although you can obviously support the developers should you feel so inclined. Terra Nil will also be receiving a brand-new demo during the Steam Next Festival. It starts on June 16th and ends on June 22nd.

Terra Nil - Gameplay
Image Credit – Free Lives

What Is Terra Nil?

Terra Nil is a reverse city-building game all about restoring ecosystems. From the get-go, Terra Nil’s premise sounds incredibly intriguing. The Steam store is flooded with brilliant and not so brilliant city-builders. So, it will certainly be a refreshing change to get the exact opposite. Players will be tasked with restoring the ecosystem of various geographic regions through different restoration phases. Here’s just some of what you can expect in Terra Nil:

  • Restore the planet to its former self in this reverse city-building game
  • Cultivate biodiversity, regulate the climate, recycle buildings and more
  • Explore sprawling procedurally generated maps with hand-painted landscapes
  • Experience unique weather patterns in each region
  • Enjoy a melodic and chilled out soundtrack as you heal Mother Nature
Image Credit – Free Lives

Release Date & Price

There is currently no word on the game’s release date nor price. You can head over to its itch.io page and support the developers there. You can also head on over to Terra Nil’s Steam store page and wishlist it there. In doing so, you’ll be notified whenever any new updates drop. Be sure to check out Terra Nil’s demo during the Steam Next Fest as well. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.