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Survival: Fountain of Youth Launches in Early Access Next Month

Twin Sails Interactive and Odinsoft are happy to announce that their single-player survival game, Survival: Fountain of Youth, will release next month.

Twin Sails Interactive is an international video game publisher based in Paris, known for games such as Terraforming Mars, Gloomhaven and Ticket to Ride. Odinsoft is an independent game development studio based in Los Angeles, California, and Survival: Fountain of Youth is Odinsoft’s debut title.

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Image Credit – Twin Sails Interactive and Odinsoft

What is Survival: Fountain of Youth?

In Survival: Fountain of Youth, you join Juan Ponce de Leon’s 16th-century Spanish expedition in search of the mythical fountain of youth. Stranded off the coast of the Caribbean islands following a shipwreck, you must fight for survival against the harsh elements, diseases, exhaustion, and other unforeseen hazards while traversing breathtaking locations in hopes of finding fellow crewmates and a means of escape.

You must survive in a rich island environment where you can scavenge for supplies, craft tools, and hunt game. Make weapons from stone spears to handguns to fight against giant lizards, wild ox, and leopards. Use raw materials to build campfires, shelters, bedding, and other things to keep you alive. Manage your resources carefully to avoid hunger, injury, and illness. Watch out for the weather and time as the cold nights and hot days can affect your health and energy.

According to Stas Ignatov, Head of Publishing at Odinsoft, “We wanted to create an immersive and challenging survival experience set in a historically rich and mysterious world. We believe Survival: Fountain of Youth will become a favourite among gamers who love exploration, and will continue to update and improve with the community’s feedback“.

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Image Credit – Twin Sails Interactive and Odinsoft

Early Access Features and Release Date

In Survival: Fountain of Youth, you can craft various ships, from rafts to Spanish galleons, and explore over fifteen islands with unique resources, animals, and secrets. The early access version will have two large regions, with three more regions coming soon that will add new biomes, story quests, and more.

The game will launch worldwide on Steam Early Access on Wednesday, April 19, 2023. You can wishlist the game here. Console versions of the game will debut when the game exits the early access stage.


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