Super Arcade Football Has Warmed Up, Leaving Early Access Today

Super Arcade Football Key Art

The developer and publisher, OutOfTheBit, is proud to announce the release of their fast-paced modern-classic football game, Super Arcade Football.

Since 2016, OutOfTheBit has been refining its gameplay for release. Now, it’s finally available on Steam with a 40% launch discount.

What is Super Arcade Football?

Super Arcade Football is a fast-paced classic 2D football — soccer for the Americans and Australians —game with simple controls, so anyone can join in on the fun.

In-game Screenshot

The modern classic game also offers numerous game modes that can be enjoyed alone or with up to four friends. Furthermore, players can play classic matches against the computer, or verse their friends either online or in local couch co-op. If things get a little repetitive, match modifiers can introduce a whole new level of chaos. You can change the size of the goal, add turbo objects, and even adjust the game speed. There is plenty of ways to tailor the experience to suit your style of play.

The game has been updated continuously throughout the Early Access period to provide an accessible style of football. This includes simple controls, additional pitches that affect game conditions, custom tournaments, injuries, weather conditions, and a Story Mode.

As an added bonus, the video game music composer, Barry Leitch, has provided the soundtrack for the game. Previously, he has worked on titles such as Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Horizon Chase Turbo. He even designed the soundtrack in MOD format, a file format found on Amiga computers from the 1990s, for an added retro touch.

In-game Screenshot

Super Arcade Football is available for A$9.99/£9.99/€9.99 at full price on Steam. However, players can enjoy a 40% discount to celebrate the launch.

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