Stunning Platformer, Flynn: Son of Crimson, Gets Physical Switch Release

Flynn: Son of Crimson Super Rare Games Key Art

Super Rare Games have teamed up with Humble Games and Studio Thunderhorse to bring Flynn: Son of Crimson to physical format for the first time on the Nintendo Switch.

Flynn: Son of Crimson takes place in the gorgeous, mythical world of Rosantica. Remnants of the Great Conflict, a war fought between mortals and gods, are threatening the peace once again. As expected, you play as Flynn, a young orphan boy who, accompanied by his companion Dex, sets out on an epic journey. It is your job to discover your true origins all the while awakening the crimson power within you. The game is not only visually stunning but also has great level design, polished combat, and a loving cast of characters. If you’re interested in reading more about the game, you can check out our review here.

In-game Screenshot

Flynn: Son of Crimson Physical Release

Super Rare Games is, once again, bringing an indie game to physical format on the Nintendo Switch. They have done this previously with the likes of popular indie games such as Abzu and Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

In typical Super Rare fashion, the physical release includes all the current content in the game, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards. Furthermore, those interested won’t have to wait long as the game will ship shortly after it goes on sale this week. However, there is a catch; only 4000 copies will ever be sold. Therefore, you will have to quick and purchase one as soon as they release this week.

The physical release of Flynn: Son of Crimson releases on March 24, 2022, at 2 pm EDT / 6 pm GMT and 4 am AEST (the next day). It is available exclusively at

In-game Screenshot
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