Reus 2 Arrives Ten Years After the Original Game’s Success

After ten years, Abbey Games and Firesquid Games are excited to announce Reus 2. The sequel to the beloved God sim promises enhanced gameplay, more giants, and an expansive universe.

What is Reus?

Reus offers a unique gameplay experience where players control powerful giants. Each has distinct abilities to shape the planet as they see fit. By creating mountains, oceans, forests, and more, players can enrich the planet with a variety of plants, minerals, and animal life. However, players cannot control humanity and their virtues or vices.

The game challenges players to strike a balance between providing for humanity and managing their greed. Featuring a complex upgrade and synergy system, Reus allows for diverse playstyles while presenting an engaging art style and immersive soundtrack. Players can unlock new content by helping humanity achieve various developments, adding depth and replayability to the game.

Ten years after their critically acclaimed god sim, Reus, took the gaming world by storm, Abbey Games and Firesquid Games revealed the much-anticipated sequel, Reus 2, at Steam Tacticon. With over a million units sold worldwide, the original game’s success laid the foundation for an immersive sequel.

Reus 2 Gameplay Details

Reus 2 is an innovative god sim game that takes the player on a journey through world creation, shaping planets, and guiding humanity’s destiny. Expanding on the gameplay of the original Reus, players control powerful giants that can nurture or punish the development of human societies, leading them to various destinies.

In Reus 2, players will have the opportunity to experiment with multiple planets, observing how human tribes react and adapt to their respective environments. Each planet will present unique challenges and opportunities, pushing the players to strategise and plan the development of ecosystems, biomes, and giants. This dynamic gameplay offers endless possibilities for planet creation and allows players to explore new interactions between flora and fauna.

As players guide humankind through different eras, they can influence the development from primal tribes to advanced civilisations. The choices made by players will have a direct impact on human societies, fostering a sense of responsibility and curiosity to see how their decisions shape the world. Players can encourage humanity to become space explorers or warmongers and witness the consequences of these choices.

Reus 2 offers a customisable gameplay experience that caters to the preferences of individual players. Balancing challenging and relaxing gameplay elements, Reus 2 allows players to immerse themselves in the unique universe crafted by Abbey Games. If players find themselves dissatisfied with their current progress, they can start anew with a different humanity, providing endless opportunities to explore and experiment.

Reus 2 Platform Details and Release Date

Reus 2 is currently in development and does not have a definitive release date. However, you can wishlist the game on Steam now. If it’s anything like the first game, it is likely that it will release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well.

In the meantime, players can purchase the original game Reus or the Abbey Games Bundle for 20% off on Steam. The bundle includes 2 other Abbey Games, Godhood and Renowned Explorers.

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