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Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack and New Content Update Details

Frontier Developments is happy to announce the launch of their latest DLC, Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack, alongside a new free content update.

Frontier Developments aren’t new to simulation games. They’re known for creating countless highly-successful titles such as Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster and even another zoo-related game, Zoo Tycoon. Likewise, Planet Zoo is the ultimate zoo simulation game where players must construct and manage the world’s wildest zoos, crafting unique habitats and vast landscapes. You will make important decisions and meaningful choices, while caring for your animals, and strive to put animal welfare and conservation first.

Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack Screenshot 1
Red River Hog (Image Credit – Frontier Developments)

What is Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack?

The new inhabitants of the Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack include the Lar Gibbon, Red River Hog, Fossa, Asian Water Monitor, and Brown-Throated Sloth. Each species is unique and adds a new level of excitement to the game. Visitors will love seeing these creatures in their natural habitats and learning about their behaviours and characteristics. Although, that’s not everything the DLC includes.

The expansion pack also includes over 200 new pieces of scenery inspired by Southeast Asian architecture and flora. You can create tranquil landscapes and take your guests on a journey through Tongkonan villages and Balinese temples. The Rafflesia and Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant provide pops of colour amidst the shady leaves, creating a truly immersive experience for players and guests alike.

Lastly, the Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack features a new Career scenario set in the depths of the jungle, where zookeepers must work to reverse the fortunes of a struggling zoo gifted by Tiffany Summers’ father. This exciting new challenge brings back a returning villain from previous scenarios, making it a must-play for any Planet Zoo fan.

Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack Screenshot 3
Image Credit – Frontier Developments

New Content Update 1.14 Details

For those who already own the base game, there’s good news too. The free base-game update includes new features and enhancements, including more complex social dynamics across various species, the ability to arm swing on vines, and the option to place null paths within your zoo.

By far the biggest change is the Animal Sociality mechanic, which aims to bring a more life-like approach to the introduction of new animals into existing habitats. The feature will not change how animals are managed but will provide clarity on overcrowding issues and how animals engage within their group relationships.

The Zoopedia entry for each animal will now have an additional definition of solitary, matrilineal, patrilineal, or gregarious to indicate how they engage with their offspring. New animals introduced to a habitat that exceeds gender or population limits, are rejected due to their relationship with the group Alpha or have parents present when they are a solitary species, will be marked as Outsiders. Bonded animals will never fight their Alpha or their bonded partners, and some alpha animals will be marked with a crown to indicate their reproductive role.

Animal Sociality will add all of this information under the Social tab for easy reference. If you want to read more about the upcoming changes, you can check out the link here.

Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack Screenshot 2
Image Credit – Frontier Developments

Release Date and Pricing

To access the Tropical Pack and free content update, you must first download the Planet Zoo base game for £34.99 / US$44.99 / €44.99. If you want to spend large, you can purchase the Planet Zoo: Ultimate Edition, which includes every piece of DLC ever made.

The new content will be available on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, on PC via Steam. The DLC will cost the retail price of £7.99 / US$9.99 / €9.99.


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