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Palworld Enters Steam Early Access in January 2024

Palworld invites players into its diverse world, inhabited by elemental creatures known as Pals, through Steam early access in January 2024.

The highly-anticipated game was unveiled at Summer Game Fest 2023, with Geoff Keighley, the host of the show, labelling the game as “Pokemon with Guns”.

Palworld Screenshot of fighting action, shooting guns at pals
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What is Palworld?

Palworld is an exciting new venture into the realm of open-world gaming, offering a unique blend of collecting creatures known as Pals and third-person shooting elements.

Developed by the Tokyo-based company, Pocketpair, Palworld offers a vibrant and immersive world that’s itching to be explored. The environments are teeming with life and variety, ranging from lush meadows to arid deserts, snow-capped peaks, and even fiery volcanic regions. Each landscape is carefully designed to captivate players’ senses and encourage exploration.

The game features fantastical creatures known as Pals, each with unique elemental powers and characteristics, similar to the infamous Pokemon. Palworld’s attention to detail extends to the different species of Pals that are adapted to their respective environments, ensuring each exploration offers new discoveries.

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What Can The Pals Do in Palworld?

At its core, Palworld offers creature-collection gameplay, with Pals playing a central role. Whether it’s engaging in thrilling monster hunts, participating in global online battles, or constructing and defending bases, the Pals are the players’ allies throughout their journey.

With each Pal having their own unique abilities and characteristics, they can be captured and utilised in a multitude of ways. Furthermore, players can assign various tasks to their captured Pals. From automating the production of items, growing crops, cooking dishes and even generating power, Pals can be put to work at the player’s base. In addition, the abilities of Pals can also be leveraged for base defense.

Palworld adds a twist to creature collecting with third-person shooter gameplay. Players get directly involved in the action, using firearms in various situations. Plus, in another twist, some Pals can even carry their own weapons.

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Palworld Multiplayer Details

The multiplayer aspect of Palworld brings an added layer of engagement to the game, providing players with the freedom to choose their style of gameplay.

Players can choose to band together with friends and other players, embarking on thrilling monster hunts, exploring uncharted territories, or building fortified bases. Alternatively, you can opt for a more competitive route, pitting your team of Pals against others in battles.

In true Pokemon style, you can trade Pals with other players, adding an element of strategy and variety to your game. Whether you’re into cooperation or competition, Palworld offers an exhilarating experience.

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When Can I Play Palworld?

While there is no official release date for Palworld, the game will launch in Steam Early Access in January 2024. There is currently no roadmap or timeline for when, or if, the game will launch on consoles.

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