Mr Love: Queen’s Choice: Episode 1 – Mini Review

Mr Love

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is about a young woman who hosts a television program, looking for a mysterious phenomenon to get her show ratings up. She stumbles across a top model, a scientist, a CEO and a cop, all with their own mysteries surrounding them. She also almost gets hit by a car… twice. So much for this just being a pretty boy show.


There are a lot of exciting ideas and good concepts rolling around and if the production team handles these elements properly, we could have a solid show. The supernatural elements have been handled well and there is a bit more to our main girl than just being an audience stand-in.


My biggest concern is that the show is going to prioritize making the boys look pretty over a good story. There’s no reason you can’t have both but I get the feeling that this show knows who’s watching. Though, I’d love nothing more to be proven wrong.


Mr Love: Queen’s Choice looks to be, by the numbers, a pretty boy man-service vehicle. Despite this, Mr Love has a lot of potential. I’m going to stick around, for now, to see where it is headed and I’ll make sure to revisit it.

I plan to watch the first episode of every new show that is coming out this season. If you want to know what to watch, and what to stay away from, follow this series.

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