Mori Adventures: A Short Visually Stunning Puzzle Platformer

Mori Adventures In-game Screenshot

Mori Adventures is a charming 3D puzzle platformer by the solo developer, KantaKerro, where you play a silkworm tasked with finding the ingredients for a potion that will cure their mother’s illness.

Playing as the silkworm, you’ll find yourself jumping around and exploring the floating islands that surround their house as you search for the five required ingredients. It’s a simple premise that gives the player a strong motivation to search thoroughly through all the nooks and crannies of the islands.

In-game Screenshot

Where Mori Adventures really shines – quite literally – is its visuals. The developer has done an incredible job of giving the world a calming atmosphere. The glowing visuals somehow make the world feel as if it’s both day and night at the same time. It felt almost as if I was playing through a concept art book for an animated film. Despite the camera issues the game has, I found myself wanting to explore the far off islands and see what sort of mystery they held.

“If you have 5 minutes in your day, then you definitely check out Mori Adventures.”

That being said, the camera definitely has some issues. The camera is slow to start up when the player starts to move which kind of feels like trying to walk on sand or wade through something thick, like goo (which I’ve never done, but I imagine feels like that). With some tweaking to the camera and the jumping physics, the experience could go from being quite good to very good.

In-game Screenshot

Mori Adventures is a short game, only lasting 5-10 minutes depending on how adventurous you are. While it certainly has its issues, it’s charming enough – particularly for being a solo project – that they’re forgivable. It’s enjoyable and if you have 5 minutes in your day, then you definitely check out Mori Adventures.

Mori Adventures is available now on You can support KantaKerro by following them on Instagram and Twitter.

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