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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Defeat Venom Final Boss Fight

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ends on a climactic and challenging boss fight between Peter, Miles, and Venom. Here’s how to beat him.

Throughout Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’ll come face to face with some of the toughest villains the series has seen yet. However, none are more challenging than Venom, who has easily the hardest boss fight in the game. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you all the tips and tricks you’ll need in order to take down Venom once and for all and see the credits roll.

This article contains spoilers for the final boss fight of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Defeat Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

There are 5 Waves in the final boss fight against Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You’ll need to use your gadgets and objects in your environment to stun him and then your slew of abilities to reduce his health. Each Wave sees Venom getting stronger, with the final Wave being mostly cutscenes and quick-time events. Below is an explanation of how to defeat Venom in each Wave.

Venom with its wings stretched out holding Peter in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Venom holding Peter during the final fight.

Venom Boss Fight Wave 1

The best way to defeat Venom during Wave 1 is to use gadgets to stun him, avoid his unblockable attacks by parrying, and swing to the other platforms whenever the floor turns black. You can see detailed explanations of how to defeat him in Wave 1 below, as well as images showing what to look out for:

  • During Wave 1, Venom has 2 different combos.
    • The first is a 3-move short-range combo, which you will need to dodge or parry.
    • The second is a 3-move long-range combo in which he stretches his arms to hit you.
  • Additionally, Venom will use an unblockable attack that needs to be parried.
    • Look for the yellow circle around him for when he’s going to use this attack.
  • Finally, Venom has a grab attack, which is telegraphed by the glowing blue circle around him. He’ll grab you before attacking again with an unblockable attack.
    • Dodge out of the way or use a gadget to stun him.
Venom's grab attack in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
This is what Venom’s grab attack looks like. Dodge it when you see the blue circle.
  • The first Wave against Venom takes place across 3 platforms. Every so often, Venom will jump up into the air, and the floor will turn black with Symbiote tendrils sticking out of it.
    • Swing to another one of the three platforms, as touching the black ground will damage you.
Peter swinging over a floor covered in Symbiote goo in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
The floor covered in Symbiote goo. Swing to another platform to avoid getting hurt by it.

Venom Boss Fight Wave 2

The best way to defeat Venom during Wave 2 is to focus on him instead of the Symbiote enemies he summons. Use your Anti Venom powers to deplete his shield, and then use the same tactics to avoid his attacks as you used in Wave 1.

You can see detailed explanations of how to defeat him in Wave 2 below, as well as images showing what to look out for:

  • At the start of Wave 2, Venom will summon Green Symbiote enemies.
    • They will dodge your regular attacks, so either use your Web Shooters to kill them immediately or stun them to kill them.
Green Symbiotes attack Peter in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Avoid fighting these guys if you can. Otherwise, shoot them with your web shooters.
  • Venom gets a shield at the beginning of this Wave. It can only be removed by using Anti Venom powers.
    • Focus on Venom instead of the Green Symbiote enemies, as once his shield is removed, they disappear.
Venom's shield health bar in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Venom’s shield is the white bar with black stripes covering his health bar.
  • Once Venom’s shield is removed, you need to attack him once to trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene plays out, attack him like you did in Wave 1 until his shield comes back. Then, rinse and repeat the previous steps.
Peter punching Venom on the floor in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
This is what the cutscene looks like.

Venom Boss Fight Wave 3

The best way to defeat Venom in Wave 3 is to spam your abilities and dodge his attacks in the air. Constantly press Triangle to keep up with him in the air and fling his boulder back at him by pressing L1 & R1.

You can see detailed explanations of how to defeat him in Wave 3 below, as well as images showing what to look out for:

  • Venom will fly in the air until you deplete his health down to half. When in the air, he will throw 2 spikes at you, one after another, and then a giant boulder.
    • Fling the boulder back by pressing L1 & R1 before it goes off-screen.
      • You cannot fling the spikes back.
Venom shooting a spike at Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
You can’t throw these spikes back. Make sure to dodge before it hits you.
  • Eventually, Venom will go back to the ground. During this phase, he uses his unblockable attack, grab attack, and 3-move attack.
    • This phase is basically like Wave 1 again, so attack him like normal and dodge or parry his attack.
  • Finally, Venom will fly back up and repeat the same moves as he did at the beginning of the Wave.
    • Use Triangle to grab onto him and continue fighting in the air.
Venom shooting a boulder at Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Venom’s boulder can be thrown back to damage him. Press L1 & R1 at the right moment.

Venom Boss Fight Wave 4

The best way to beat Venom in Wave 4 is to use the speakers scattered around the battlefield to stun him before hitting him with your abilities. When he’s in the air, dodge his projectile attacks and use your abilities while he’s recovering.

You can see detailed explanations of how to defeat him in Wave 4 below, as well as images showing what to look out for:

  • Venom will start on the ground and is surrounded by speakers that, when thrown at him, will stun him for a long period of time.
    • Throw these at him when he’s between attacks, as that will give you enough time to pull off the throw animation.
A speaker in front of Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
The speakers can be found on these Symbiote goo pillars.
  • Venom will rise into the air and send a wave of Symbiote tendrils at you. These will damage you if they hit you.
    • Jump and dodge or swing out of the way of these tendrils to avoid damage.
Venom sending a wave of tendrils at Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Venom’s wave attack will damage you if it hits you. It will disappear once it has passed by you.
  • Eventually, he’ll fly up and shoot spikes and boulders at you. He’ll typically throw 2 spikes followed by a large number of spikes all at once.
  • Venom also has a 3-attack long-ranged combo in the air.
Venom shooting multiple spikes during the final boss fight in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
This multiple-spike attack will deal serious damage if you don’t dodge out of the way.
  • Venom has a slew of new combos that you’ll need to look out for. They are:
    • 2 attacks followed immediately by an unblockable attack.
    • 2 unblockable attacks, one after the other.
    • An unblockable attack followed by a grab attack.

Venom Boss Fight Wave 5 (Final Wave)

The final Wave against Venom is one long cutscene connected by quick-time events (QTEs). All you’ll need to do is watch as the action unfolds, mash Square when the prompt appears on screen, and do 1 trigger mini-game where you just need to hold down L2 and R2 at the same time.

Miles and Peter punching Venom in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
This is the kind of QTEs you’ll see during Wave 5

Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll get to see the final cutscenes in the game before the credits roll. Congratulations, you’ve officially beaten Venom and all of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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