The Symbiote Behemoth in the MJ fight in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Defeat the Symbiote Behemoth As MJ

If you’re struggling with the MJ fight against the giant Symbiote Behemoth in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

During the final mission Together in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, MJ needs to take down a Symbiote Behemoth while escaping with the Symbiote Meteorite. It may seem like a challenging fight at first, but it’s quite easy once you know what to do. Fortunately, below, we’ve explained exactly how to defeat this monstrous mini-boss.

How to Defeat the Symbiote Behemoth As MJ in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

To defeat the Symbiote Behemoth as MJ in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you must shoot the speakers scattered across the arena when the Behemoth is next to them to deal significant damage to it and stun it.

It will take destroying 3 speakers to kill the Symbiote Behemoth, but you need to make sure that it is standing by them for it to have any effect. You can lure the Symbiote Behemoth by running towards the speakers, but make sure to go a little bit further to avoid damage from the Behemoth.

MJ shooting a speaker next to a Symbiote Behemoth in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Additionally, you can also shoot the Behemoth with your stun gun to deal a small amount of damage. Make sure to shoot it while it has been stunned by the speakers. Additionally, you can avoid damage by simply running away from it, so make sure not to stand in place for too long.

MJ can only survive 2 hits from the Behemoth, and if you do die, you’ll restart from the beginning of the fight. Running around the central column is a good strategy, as there are plenty of speakers around it, and it’ll prevent the Behemoth from damaging you.

MJ shooting a speaker while a Symbiote Behemoth chases her in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Now that you know how to defeat this mini-boss in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, make sure to check out our Games Hub for all our other guides.

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