Lonely Mountains: Downhill Is Getting A Physical Edition Next Week!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Feature Image

Critically acclaimed biking game, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, by Megagon Industries, is riding on over to the Nintendo Switch in the form of a glorious physical edition!

Chances are you’ve heard of Super Rare Games. They’re the guys that create amazing physical copies for some of the best indie games out there! We covered the physical edition of Project Warlock that they did a while back, and boy was that a package! Well, today Super Rare Games are at it again! Partnering with Megagon Industries and publisher Thunderful Games, they’re whipping up a physical edition of the fantastic Lonely Mountains: Downhill!

Image Credit – Megagon Industries

What’s Included?

Super Rare Games aren’t skimping out when it comes to the physical edition of Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Oh no! What you’ve got here is a wonderful package for all you Lonely Mountains fans. Here’s what’s included:

Only 5,000 copies will ever be printed, in typical Super Rare Games fashion. So if you’re a fan, or just a collector, then you’re going to want to snatch up your copy pretty quick!

Image Credit – Megagon Industries

What Is Lonely Mountains: Downhill?

Some of you are probably wondering why you should throw down your hard-earned dollarydoos for a physical edition of a game you might not know of. Well, for one, because it’s going to be amazing. But also because Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a thrilling biking game that sees you navigate through a series of gorgeous environments trying your best not to crash! Here’s a nicely compiled list of what you can do in Lonely Mountains: Downhill (aren’t I nice):

Image Credit – Megagon Industries

Price And Release Date

The physical edition of Lonely Mountains: Downhill will go live on February 18th at 6pm GMT (10am PT/1pm ET). It’ll set you back £27 (excluding tax and shipping), and will be available worldwide at Super Rare Games. If you’re not entirely sure whether or not you want to strap that bike helmet on just yet, head on over to Steam where Lonely Mountains: Downhill has a demo you can try!

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