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Grow A Cosy Farm Or Explore Dangerous Dungeons In Len’s Island

Developer Flow Studio has announced that their upcoming open-world survival game, Len’s Island, will receive a free demo at Steam Next Fest.

Len’s Island started off as a solo project for developer Julian Ball over three years ago. Now, after an incredibly successful Kickstarter that raised AU$ 58,579/¬£32,084/$45,351 thanks to 898 backers, Len’s Island is close to releasing into Steam Early Access. More importantly, for those anticipating the game’s launch later this year, Flow Studio have announced that Len’s Island will receive a demo at the Steam Next Fest. It starts on the 16th of June and ends on the 22nd of June. Additionally, the developers will be live streaming via Steam on June 18th, 7am AEST/10pm BST/5pm ET. The livestream will cover everything from a walkthrough of the demo to a Q&A with lead developer Julian Ball.

Image Credit – Flow Studio

What Is Len’s Island?

Len’s Island is an open-world survival/dungeon-crawling hybrid. Players arrive on a beautiful island with nothing but a handful of tools and must make a life for themselves there. You’ll be able to build, fight, farm and explore across this lavish land. Venture into the dark caves to uncover the island’s mysteries, or construct yourself a new home and tend to your crops. The choice is yours. Len’s Island aims to blend the peaceful building, farming and crafting you’d find in similar titles with intense combat and enticing exploration. Here’s just some of what you can expect in Len’s Island:

  • Build your own home wherever you want. Utilise the game’s modular building system that will ensure everyone feels like “a seasoned home designer”
  • Explore dungeons deep beneath the surface and fight off your enemies in frantic combat
  • You can grow everything from large scale farms across the island to a small garden on your balcony
  • Help rebuild the island through exploration. Discover collapsed bridges, hidden treasures and so much more across the island
Len's Island - Gameplay
Image Credit – Flow Studio

Release Date & Price

Len’s Island releases into Steam Early Access this October. Be sure to check out its demo during the Steam Next Fest, as well as the developer livestream. You can also head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist it. That way you’ll be notified whenever any new information drops. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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