Stealth-Action Shooter, Intravenous, Coming To Steam This July

Intravenous - Feature Image

Publisher Too Indie To Fail and developer Roman Glebenkov have announced that the upcoming stealth title, Intravenous, will be releasing on Steam this July.

Harkening back to the early days of Splinter Cell, Intravenous is attempting to recapture the stealth magic of yesteryear. The developer himself, Roman Glebenkov calls Intravenous “a love letter to early Splinter Cell games”. His previous game, Game Dev Studio garnered favourable reviews on Steam. Released back in 2018, the game has gone on to see success, achieving an 87% positive review score. CEO of publisher Too Indie To Fail, Patrick Seibert, spoke a little about Glebenkov’s ambitions with Intravenous.

“With Intravenous, Roman Glebenkov is delivering exactly what he set out to achieve – a title designed for gamers searching for realistic stealth-action, combined with hardcore no-brakes gunplay.”

Patrick Seibert ~ Too Indie To Fail.
Image Credit – Roman Glebenkov

What Is Intravenous?

This isometric pixel art stealth title puts players in the role of Steve Robbins. After his brother is murdered by junkies, Robbins must set out on a journey for revenge. Intravenous is all about player freedom, and Glebenkov wants players to be able to approach it however they see fit. Whether you want to run and gun your way through or take out your foes silently, that’s completely your prerogative. Here is just some of what you can expect with Intravenous launches this July.

Image Credit – Roman Glebenkov

Release Date & Price

Intravenous releases this July 26th on Steam. While there is no word on price yet, you can head over to its Steam store page and wishlist it to be notified of whenever any new information drops.

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