IMMORTAL: And The Death That Follows Drops First Trailer

IMMORTAL: And The Death That Follows Key Art

Mishura Games aims to tear down boundaries and established conventions with the teaser trailer for the new beat-’em-up IMMORTAL: And The Death That Follows.

In-game Screenshot

Inspired by 90s era anime and the fighting genre, IMMORTAL infuses dazzling animations and a wicked instrumental soundtrack into a side-scrolling rogue-like action fest. Create and foster a fighting style that is all your own. Attempt to suppress your inner demon or give in to the darkness while unifying a gang and desperately fighting to escape a prison built for demigods.

What is IMMORTAL: And The Death That Follows?

IMMORTAL follows the story of Fudo. Previously the warden for the prison camp he is now a captive in, Fudo must reunite the Asuras if they wish to escape from the Titan Realm and the fury of their creator. You are Fudo’s salvation; what little humanity remains within his corrupt soul. As you influence his choices, you’ll need to rely on both Fudo’s combat and leadership skills to escape his fate. You can choose to be a champion of freedom or follow the path of might and grow drunk with power. 

IMMORTAL: And The Death That Follows features:

In-game Screenshot

Release Date

IMMORTAL: And The Death That Follows is set for a 2025 PC release date. Console versions are planned for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch. No price point has been given.

For now, you can watch the teaser trailer here as well as view the Steam page. If you’re excited to see more of IMMORTAL: And The Death That Follows, make sure to wishlist it and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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