LEGO Fortnite Seeds Inventory

How to Plant Seeds in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite features many elements of survival crafting, including using seeds and planting them as a food source.

There are many gameplay mechanics present within LEGO Fortnite. Players can utilize item crafting and building structures such as houses, temples, etc. However, one such vital feature is growing crops, and many are curious about how to plant seeds in the game to start growing food. Here are all the details you need to know.

How are Seeds Planted in LEGO Fortnite

Seeds can be deposited into a dirt plot that the player crafts on the ground. By depositing a seed, the desired plant will grow fully after a little time. A dirt plot can be crafted by digging up two clumps of dirt with a shovel and one fertilizer from an animal.

Once the plot is crafted in the menu, players can place it anywhere on the ground, and a menu will be prompted to allow the deposit of a seed of your choice. Once the plant seed is deposited, a small plant will take shape.

Players will know when they will be able to harvest the crop from the plot, as a button prompt will pop up. There are no limits on how many plots of soil can be crafted, and it is best to have many varying plants in your village to ensure that you are prepared for any adventure in LEGO Fortnite, including the different biomes present within the game.

LEGO Fortnite Plot of Dirt
Plot of Soil, In-game Screenshot

What do Plant Seeds do in LEGO Fortnite?

Plant Seeds grow into whole plants that players can harvest and use as consumable buffs or food in their inventory. The plant seeds are vital for any player who is in the survival mode of LEGO Fortnite.

Those looking to venture into different temperature biomes can grow the consumable food that allows for the resistance to that area’s temperature. Also, as other foods require multiple plants for recipes, having different crops growing is always a good idea.

As Hunger is a mechanic within LEGO Fortnite, food is always needed by the players to ensure they don’t get hungry and starve. Therefore, the plant seeds help to keep players alive as they can develop garden spaces in their village and will never have to worry about going hungry while playing the survival mode.

Seeds can be found throughout the world by harvesting different crops, or players can produce more by placing seeds into a Grain Mill, a Crafting Machinery item in LEGO Fortnite.

Obtaining and planting seeds and planting to create good supplies of food are important in the survival mode of LEGO Fortnite. Players looking for more guides on the game mode can check out the game’s Guide Hub for more information.


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