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How Long to Beat Jusant

Jusant gives players a meditative climbing experience with a mysterious story, but just how long is the journey?

Jusant tasks players with exploring a large mountain while along the way piecing together why the villages that litter it are abandoned. While the game is an indie entry created by DON’T NOD Entertainment, players are curious about how much of a time investment the game is. Good news for those curious: the answer can be found below.

How Long is Jusant?

It will take 4.5 hours at a leisurely pace to explore the story of Jusant. However, those wanting to discover everything the game offers are looking at 8 hours. While it may seem like a short runtime, the game still offers a narrative-focused experience with intuitive climbing gameplay. The game’s length can be further fleshed out if the player is willing to explore and uncover the world’s secrets.

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In contrast to the DON’T NOD’s other prominent titles, like the Life is Strange series, Jusant is much smaller. The first title in the Life is Strange franchise comes in at a completion time of 14 hours. The second entry, Life is Strange 2, was slightly longer, with a playtime of 16 hours to complete the main story and a completionist run of 20 hours.

That’s everything on Jusant’s length. If you wasnt to know more about the game, check out our Games Hub for all our guides.


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