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Hidden Treasures In The Forest Of Dreams, Coming To PS5 And PC

Developer Paleo Games LLC is bringing the chill vibes exploration game Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams to PS5 and PC.

Making its debut on the PS4 this past November, Hidden Treasures is for the gamer who wants to relax. Steering away from the action-packed norm, the game instead strives for gentle adversity. It provides a gorgeous atmospheric experience to zone out and get lost within. What’s not to love!

Image Credit – Paleo Games LLC

Check out the game’s gameplay trailer here.

What is Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams?

In Hidden Treasures, players leisurely explore tranquil worlds. Within these dreamy environments, you’ll discover various items. Not only will you track down creatures and plants but also monuments and other objects. Additionally, the game boasts an original musical score to match its serene easy-going play style. Suffice to say, this game is all about taking things in stride, rela.


  • Over 4 billion procedural maps
  • Discover 300+ Treasures
  • 500+ decorative items
  • Original music composed by Jordan Guerette (Dark Souls 3, League of Legends, Final Fantasy 7 Remake)
Hidden Treasures
Paleo Games LLC

Release Date

Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams is coming to Steam and PS5 Saturday, June 25th at Midnight EST. The game will launch at a discount price, dropping from $24.99USD to $19.99USD. PS4 owners of the digital version can upgrade to Playstation 5 free of charge. Be sure to head to the games Steam store page to wishlist it and stay notified of any future updates.