Green Hell Receives All-New Prequel Story: Spirits of Amazonia

Green Hell, the hugely successful open-world survival game, is receiving an all-new story prequel titled Spirits of Amazonia.

The completely free update will be dropping on the 28th of January 2021, and will take players into the Amazon before the events of the original Story Mode!

The update stars Jake as he aims to befriend an Amazonian tribe for the first time. You’ll be put to work by the mysterious tribe’s shaman, before being tasked with solving riddles, uncovering the map, and discovering the tribe’s story!

The update will include the new story, a brand new map area to explore, as well as four new Legendary Quests to complete, a new mushroom with mysterious properties (sounds scary!), a new spike tree which will make chopping down trees just a tad bit dangerous, and a new custom building which will let you add a balcony onto your humble rainforest abode.

Image Credit – Creepy Jar

On top of all that, Creepy Jar says they’ll have more information on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game soon, and don’t hesitate to remind us that a VR version is incoming, so you can truly feel as if you’re in a scary, wet, dangerous rainforest. Oh boy!

Green Hell is available over on Steam for £19.49 or $24.99, but there will be a 30% off sale when the new update drops. What a steal! Check out the trailer for Spirits of Amazonia below!

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