Google Launches Voice-Controlled Game, Voice Attorney, on Nest Hub

Voice Attorney Google Bolverk Games Key Art

Google, alongside Bolverk Games, is proud to announce that the fully voice-controlled game, Voice Attorney, is out now on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. If you are an owner of a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, then you’re in luck. The game is available right now, and comes alive when you say, “Hey Google, play Voice Attorney.”

In late 2020, Bolverk Games, the developers behind Glyph, signed a deal with Google to bring an ambitious voice-controlled game to the Google Assistant platform. This is also the first time that Bolverk Games have developed a game for Google. “Developing this idea as a voice-controlled game was incredibly compelling for us since you embody a lawyer by doing the same thing lawyers do in court: talking and listening,” says Jaime Monedero March, the Game Director at Bolverk Games. “Working with Google has been very exciting: they gave us complete creative control over the game while also taking a really active part in the development, especially when it came to helping us leverage the complexity and possibilities of their voice recognition tech.”

Before Glyph, Bolverk Games were primarily known for their virtual reality games, like Kittypocalypse and the Dick Wilde series. Hopefully, this is only the beginning and they can continue to make innovative games such as this in the future.

In-game Screenshot

What is Voice Attorney?

In Voice Attorney, you play as Pax Cooper, a criminal defence attorney, defending your clients in four criminal cases. Fortunately, you have a trusty sidekick, named Alex Perkins, to help you examine the evidence, interrogate witnesses, and reconstruct the case.

The main features in this unique voice-controlled game are:

Voice Attorney is available now on Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. You can activate the game by saying, “Hey Google, play Voice Attorney.”

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