Get Hauntingly Acquainted with Haunted Space, Coming Soon

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Italian Games Factory is bringing a chilling sci-fi adventure to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC with the immersive space sim, Haunted Space.

Set in the future, players must survive deep space in a galaxy far from the one we know today. As a Raider for the Human Empire, you will explore multiple systems as you fight, fly and scavenge your way through mystery and danger. Your goal is to solve this strange galaxy’s puzzles as you follow a story filled with cosmic horror.

What is Haunted Space?

Haunted Space brings players into the enigmatic Neterun galaxy, a focal point for human colonisation after the discovery of a priceless energy source called Sonic Matter. After erecting the Metal Mother Facility to harvest Sonic Matter, humanity is forced to accept that they are not alone in the galaxy.

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This story-driven adventure offers players freedom and accessibility while interacting with the galaxy as they customise their spacecraft and explore the mysteries of the Neteran galaxy. Furthermore, you will learn what lurks out in the depths of space as you take on other ships, battle ancient creatures known as Colossi, and survive the perils of deep space.

Haunted Space offers a number of key features sure to draw the attention of any cosmophile:

Haunted Space is currently listed as “Coming Soon”. Therefore, we will have to wait for a projected release date and price point. In the meantime, you can watch the reveal trailer here and on the game’s Steam page.

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