The Rift Rock in Fortnite

Fortnite: How to Get the Rift Rock Back Bling

As the OG Season of Fortnite continues, many items are returning to the game, including the Rift Rock. Here is how to acquire it.

The current Season of Fortnite has been a fun throwback for fans of the Battle Royale. It has brought back a lot of features from the very first Chapter of the game, including the original map and Seasonal content. Every so often in the OG Season of Fortnite, items fans thought would never come back have made their return, including the Rift Rock. Below, we explain how to acquire it and what it is.

How to get the Rift Rock in Fortnite

The Rift Rock is part of the OG Ali-A Locker Bundle and can be purchased from the Item Shop today for 1,400 V-Bucks. The Rift Rock cannot be bought separately at the moment, so you must purchase the entire bundle to get it. However, once you’ve gotten the bundle, it’s yours to keep forever, with the skin and emote being a nice bonus.

Fortnite Rift Rock Screen
Image Credit – ASMR Gaming News

What is the Rift Rock Item?

The Rift Rock is a Back Bling that players can equip and is visible on their back during a match. The Rift Rock is special because it is an ultra-rare item that Fortnite players can acquire. Additionally, it hasn’t been seen in the Fortnite Item Shop for over 1,000 days. As many players of the game like to collect different rarity items, the Rift Rock is highly sought after in the community, and its return today was a huge win for those hoping to collect it.

Back Blings in the game are a unique cosmetic that act as a backpack for the player’s character. While they can’t store anything in it, they allow players to stand out with the unique looks each one brings. The Rift Rock Back Bling was first introduced during Season X of Fortnite back in 2019 and was purchasable on its own for 400 V-bucks.

That is everything on the Rift Rock back bling and its reappearance in the Item Shop for Fortnite. Players wanting to learn more about the Battle Royale can head to our Game Guide Hub here for more details.


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