Final Fantasy 14 Data Centre Finally Opens in Oceania

Final Fantasy 14 Oceanian Servers

Earlier in the week, Oceania was finally blessed with the greatest gift of them all; A Final Fantasy 14 data centre. And with that came the migration of all Australian players to the new Data Centre of Materia.

On January 26, the floodgates were opened and Oceania players were finally greeted to their new home. As an Australian, I hopped on as soon as I could to test out the new ping. Furthermore, Square Enix also gave away a whole bunch of goodies so players would populate the server. Double EXP bonuses, one million Gil (in-game money), and 15 days of free playtime for those who hit level 30 within the first 90 days. 

Image Credit – Square Enix

The First Day on Oceania Servers

Honestly, aside from the initial server congestion and saying goodbye to a couple of old friends, moving to Oceanic servers has been great. Not only are the bonus playtime, experience and ping a blessing, but the day one naming scene has been hilarious.

We had names like Scott Morrison, Budgie Smugglers, Australia Post and Centrelink. Not only did we have classic Aussie humour, but having everyone make smurfs meant there were definite spoilers in people’s names. We had a legion of G’raha Tia’s make their own Free Company and run completely rogue.

Image Credit – Square Enix

If you’re interested in seeing more of the accursed names that have been popping up on the Oceanic Materia data centre, feel free to take a look at the People of Materia on Twitter

For those who wanted to play Final Fantasy 14 before but were unable to due to the restrictions, those have also been lifted, alongside the launch of the OCE servers. With the bonus exp gain, there has never been a better time for Australians and New Zealanders to play Final Fantasy 14.

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