Fast-Paced Mecha RPG, Wolfstride, Is Coming To Steam This December

Wolfstride - Feature Image

Indie collective OTA IMON Studios and publisher Raw Fury have announced that their upcoming “immature grown-up mecha RPG”, Wolfstride, is coming to Steam this December.

The upcoming anime-infused mecha RPG, Wolfstride, has been captivating audiences ever since it was announced. It promises fast-paced mecha brawls with uniquely designed mechs as well as a cast of quirky characters each with their own endearing personalities. While a demo has been available on the game’s Steam store page for some time, fans will be delighted to hear that the full game is on its way. Fortunately, they won’t have to wait much longer.

Image Credit – OTA IMON Studios

Check out the game’s release date announcement trailer here.

You can also check out our glowing demo preview of Wolfstride here.

What Is Wolfstride?

Wolfstride is a mecha RPG in which the player takes on the role of ex-yakuza member Dominique Shade. It’s your job to try and make as much money as possible. The best way to do this is to take part in the elite mecha competition: the Ultimate Golden God Tournament. However, not all is as simple as it seems. Each character has their own dark past and secrets that they’re trying to escape from. Not only is it a frantically fast-paced mecha fighting game, but it is also an introspective look at its cast of characters and the mistakes they’ve made. Here is some of what you can expect when it launches this December:

Image Credit – OTA IMON Studios

Release Date

Wolfstride is releasing on December 7th for Steam. There is currently a generous demo that showcases the game’s core combat mechanic and introduces you to its world and characters. Head on over to the game’s Steam store page to try out the demo and wishlist it to be notified of future updates.

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