Fantasy Mount & Blade ‘Empire Of Ember’ Coming To PC This Summer

Empire of Ember - Feature Image

Empire of Ember, an upcoming fantasy action RPG by developers Poleaxe Games, has received a tentative release date of Summer 2021 for Steam.

Empire of Ember seeks to combine the RTS elements of Mount & Blade, with the fantasy elements of the Lord of the Rings series to create an exhilarating, fantasy FPS-RTS-RPG hybrid. Players will be able to command and fight alongside armies in huge battles, cast magic spells, and hack into their foes with steel and mettle.

Image Credit – Poleaxe Games

What Is Empire Of Ember?

Empire of Ember is a fantasy roleplaying game with a twist. Players will be able to control huge armies, give them orders and fight alongside them to defend their city. Players can explore a beautiful world rich in lore, uncover mysterious dungeons and build their own cities. There’ll be tons to do, but here’s a list of just a few of the things on offer:

Image Credit – Poleaxe Games

Release Date & Price

Empire of Ember doesn’t have a solid release date, but it will be launching sometime this Summer. As of yet, there is no price. Head on over to Empire of Ember’s Steam store page to wishlist it and get notified about upcoming updates!

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