Explore Mars as NASA’s brave rover in Opportunity, Coming Next Year

Opportunity Key Art

Shiro Unlimited, in collaboration with Dimanche Corp, is proud to announce its first game (as a publisher), Opportunity, launching in 2022.

The new publishing label was launched earlier this year by Shiro Games, the creators of Northgard. Now, having participated in Jeux Made in France, Shiro Unlimited have released screenshots and a trailer for their exploration-driven game, Opportunity.

The game is also being developed by French developer, Dimanche Corp, who works on the Youtube channel, La Développeuse du Dimanche. They are video game developer vloggers who tell stories within their games. Last year, they created Puppy Cross, which left a special mark on many people.

What is Opportunity?

Opportunity tells the story of NASA’s courageous Mars rover. The story of the real Mars rover has inspired the developers to recreate the events in an atmospheric narrative game. The rover’s mission was to last 90 days, but instead, continued for 15 years.

Players will brave the many dangers, littering Mars to finally complete their mission. There will be plenty of mission objectives:

In-game Screenshot

Opportunity is available to wishlist on Steam ahead of its release next year. If you want to check out other projects by Shiro Unlimited, you can check out their website.

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