Everything Announced During The 17th February 2021 Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct - Feature Image
Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021

There was a whole heap of games announced at the Nintendo Direct this evening! So many in fact that I found myself a little overwhelmed! The direct in question ran for 50 minutes long, and featured new characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a new Mario game, a sequel to Splatoon 2, a surprise Zelda announcement, a new tactics game, some new physical editions, Fall Guys for the Nintendo Switch and so so much more! Not everyone has a cool 50 minutes to spare; we’ve all got things to do, places to be, brand new demos to play. So, to save you all a lot of time, I’ve compiled a list of everything announced at the Nintendo Direct today. Enjoy!

Image Credit – Nintendo

Every Game Announced At The Direct

Image Credit – Mages

That’s everything folks! All of the announcements from today’s Nintendo Direct! Was there anything that surprised you? Anything you’re interested in? Or perhaps you thought the direct was a bit of a letdown? Let us know down in the comments below!

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