Everything Announced At The 12th June 2021 Wholesome Direct

Wholesome Direct - Feature Image

The wonderful and aptly named Wholesome Direct aired today and it showcased over 75 brand-new amazing indie games.

Image Credit – Qin Yin & Rachel Li

What Was Announced?

Despite not having recovered from yesterday’s Summer Game Fest: Kickoff Live! event, where more than 35 games were announced, we here at the Game Crater excitedly sat through the one hour Wholesome Direct. It was jam-packed with trailers showcasing the cutest and most adorable wholesome indie games coming to various platforms across this year and next. We’re pretty sure not everyone has the time to watch events like these, no matter how adorable they are.

So, we’ve compiled a list of everything that was announced, with as many details we can cram in about each below. If you do feel so inclined to check out the full Wholesome Direct, you can do so here. But, without further ado, here is everything announced at 2021’s Wholesome Direct.

The Announcements

Image Credit – Team OFK

Rapid Fire Round

Wholesome Games showed off a whole slew of upcoming and released indie titles in a snappy four minutes. Here’s everything they showed:

Image Credit – ShibaPixels

What Did You Think?

This was certainly a packed event with a ton of really interesting games being announced. We’ve had everything from repairing hotels as a bear to taking pictures of dogs on swings. If you’re a fan of indie darlings, and lets be honest, who isn’t, then there is bound to be something here for you. So, let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the Wholesome Direct.

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