Electrician Simulator – First Shock: Dad Will Be So Proud – PC Preview

Electrician Simulator - First Shock Key Art of wires in wall

I have never had an urge to become an electrician or take on any trade at all. However, my dad always wanted me to be a sparky. Unfortunately for him, Electrician Simulator will be the closest I will ever get to fixing electricity, and arguably, the most fun.

Electrician Simulator – First Shock is an intriguing first look at Electrician Simulator. The prologue only lasts for around an hour and teaches you all the fundamental aspects of the game and, of course, being an electrician.

In-game Screenshot

“You play as a sparky who is taking over the family business from his dad.”

Initially, the game was a little challenging. I had no idea what I was doing, and I felt the tutorial held my hand, making it hard for me to actually know why certain wires went where they did. At the same time, the game indicates where the wires go, so I never felt like I even had to understand where the wires went. And once you wrap your head around this, the prologue becomes quite enjoyable.

You play as a sparky who has taken over the family business from his dad. You must accept jobs and complete them to earn cash. In the prologue, cash is primarily used to purchase items needed for each job, but I’m sure in the full game, it will serve a higher purpose.

“Everything in Electrician Simulator looks great.”

In Electrician Simulator – First Shock, there are two different jobs you can accept. The first allows you to travel to people’s homes and fix their electricity issues. This will involve fixing outlets and lights with tools and running cables to grow some questionable plants in a basement. The second job involves you fixing people’s electronics from the comfort of your garage. You must pull apart the object, analyse each piece, and repair it if necessary. Then, you must put it all back together and ensure the electronic is working. The prologue features a few different jobs, providing enough variety to always keep you on your toes.

In-game Screenshot

Everything in Electrician Simulator looks great; from the garage dad left in a mess to each house you visit. Even the outlets that you pull apart feel quite authentic. While some homes feel a little bare at first, Electrician Simulator sparks the perfect balance between practicality and fun.

Overall, Electrician Simulator manages to stay entirely unique throughout the prologue. It will be interesting to see how the game can stop itself from being monotonous in the final version, but it’s definitely something that I’m looking forward to. While there might be some technical inaccuracies for any electricians, I highly recommend giving Electrician Simulator – First Shock a chance. It only goes for around an hour, and it’s a great experience from start to finish.

Electrician Simulator – First Shock is available now on Steam. You can also wishlist the full game on Steam too.

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