Dustwind – The Last Resort, is Coming to Consoles Later This Month

Dustwind - The Last Resort - Feature Image

Developer Z-Software GmbH has announced that their tactical real-time action game, Dustwind – The Last Resort, is heading to consoles later this month.

Dustwind – The Last Resort, also known as simply Dustwind on Steam, was released on PC back in 2018. Since then it has gone on to garner mostly positive reviews. Over on Steam, it has received a “Mostly Positive” score, with 76% of the 243 reviews being positive. Screen Rant awarded the game a 2.5/5 while Gaminglyfe gave it a 6.7/10. The console version, dubbed Dustwind – The Last Resort, seems to be mostly the same as the PC version minus the Map Editor. Included are all the same missions and game modes, just now playable on consoles.

You can watch its gameplay trailer here.

Image Credit – Z-Software GmbH

What Is Dustwind – The Last Resort?

Dustwind – The Last Resort is a top-down real-time action game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players will take on the role of a nameless woman who, after being beaten and left to die, must seek revenge on those who hurt her. The story takes place across 16 different missions, each of which can be approached in numerous different ways. You can go in guns blazing, utilise your environment and set traps, or stealth your way through. There is also a “Skirmish mode” included, which sees you come up against bots in various different game modes. Here is some of what you can expect in Dustwind – The Last Resort:

Image Credit – Z-Software GmbH

Release Date & Price

Dustwind – The Last Resort is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on September 15th. It will cost $17.99/€17.99.

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