Conquer Heaven On The Go In Action-RPG Fallen Angel, Out Now

Fallen Angel - Featured Image

Developer Matrisoka Games and publisher V Publishing have launched their critically acclaimed action-RPG, Fallen Angel on the Nintendo Switch.

Have you ever wanted to play as Lucifer, blast your way through caverns, caves and obviously nightclubs, before eventually taking over heaven? Well, if, like us, you’ve had this recurring dream for quite some time, don’t worry. It’s a video game and it’s called Fallen Angel. Originally released on Steam back in October 2020, Fallen Angel is now finally available on the Nintendo Switch. So, if you fancy taking out heaven while sitting on the loo, now is the best time to do so.

Image Credit – Matrisoka Games

Take a gander at the game’s announcement trailer here.

What Is Fallen Angel?

Fallen Angel is a top-down action-RPG. You take on the role of a modernised Lucifer as he attempts to claim heaven for himself. You’ll stir up quite the storm as you plough through legions of enemies using all kinds of weapons. From your typical sword to guns and chain claws – because of course Lucifer needs a gun – your arsenal will be well equipped for the mission ahead. You’ll also have access to a range of demonic abilities with which you can clear the varied levels you’ll be exploring. The Nintendo Switch version also comes with additional features, such as the Turbo and Punishment modes which mix up the game and make it more challenging. If that isn’t enough information for you, then here is a handy breakdown to explain it all:

Release Date & Price

Fallen Angel is available right now for the Nintendo Switch. It costs $14.99.

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