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Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 5 Reloaded: What Are The Best Weapons (Meta Tier List)

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 5 Reloaded is out now, and here are all the guns you should use for the new season.

Here is the latest weapon tier list for Warzone. This list will constantly be updated to reflect the latest buffs and nerfs within the game.

This was last updated on September 20, 2023.

S-TierVEL 46, ISO 45, Chimera, Lachmann Sub, MCPR-300, Kastov 762, Kastov 545,
A-TierLachmann-762, M4, M13B, TAQ-V, Tempus Razorback, Sakin MG38, Vaznev-9K, PDSW 528, SO-14, FJX Imperium, Tempus Torrent, Rapp H, Kastov-74U, FR Avancer, MX Guardian, Cronen Squall, RPK, P890, HCR 56, Grenade Launcher (Drop Exclusive)
B-TierSTB 556, KV Broadside, 556 Icarus, FTAC Siege, Victus XMR, EBR-14, Raal MG, SP-X 80, RPG-7, Riot Shield, M13C, Lachmann 556, TAQ-56, Basilisk Akimbo, ISO Hemlock, MX9, Carrack .300, Crossbow, Signal 50, X13 Auto, FSS Hurricane, BAS-P, 9mm Daemon, Lachmann Shroud,
C-TierTAQ-M, M16, FTAC Recon, GS Magna, LM-S, Strela-P, Bryson 800, Fennec 45, SP-R 208, Expedite 12, Lockwood 300, Bryson 890, Minibak, LA-B 330, JOKR, Tonfa
D-TierX12, .50 GS, Lockwood MK2, SA-B 50, Dual Kodachis, PILA, Combat Knife, Pickaxe
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Warzone 2 S-Tier

S Tier in our tier list is reserved for weapons that are completely broken and, arguably, need to be nerfed. There will be times when there may be no guns available in this category.

Nonetheless, these guns are an absolute must-pick if you are looking to pick up some wins in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 A-Tier

A tier in our tier list is dedicated to the weapons that are currently dominating the Warzone 2 meta. These firearms deliver outstanding performance and are a go-to choice for many players.

Regularly found in the loadouts of top-tier players, these weapons can significantly influence the tide of a Warzone 2 match.

Basilisk Akimbo

The Basilisk Akimbo is an A-Tier weapon and might be one of the most busted weapons to have ever existed in Warzone. Despite the X13 Auto also being in the A-Tier category, the Basilisk Akimbo eclipses it in every way.

The gun has everything you need to win close-range engagements and can dispose of enemies in a matter of milliseconds. It has already been removed from the competitive playlists, so you should probably check this out while you have the chance.

You can check out our Warzone 2 Basilisk Akimbo loadout guide here.

X13 Auto

While the X13 Auto isn’t quite as potent as the Basilisk Akimbo, it’s still a driving force that will outgun any submachine gun. The X13 Auto is a full-auto pistol and has become a standout choice due to its impressively fast TTK (time-to-kill).

It is especially deadly in Vondel where the gun is completely usable underwater, unlike other submachine guns.

You can check out our X13 Auto loadout guide here.

This Warzone 2 weapon tier list will constantly be to stay up to date with the latest Call of Duty updates. If you disagree with anything on our list, let us know in the comment below!