Bittersweet Birthday Fully Funded, Coming to Switch & PC Late 2022

Bittersweet Birthday - Feature Image

Bittersweet Birthday, the upcoming half bullet-hell half adventure-exploration game by developer World Eater Games is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC late next year.

After launching an Indiegogo campaign back in August, the action-horror game Bittersweet Birthday has gone on to reach its initial goal. Originally wanting to reach the goal of $23,000/£16,720, it has now raised $23,770/£17,280 across 308 backers. Amazingly, two backers have claimed the $2,000 tier titled Party Pooper, while an additional backer has claimed the $2,000 tier Party Crasher. There are still 43 hours left of the campaign to go. So, if you are interested in supporting the game there’s still time. Perhaps you fancy chucking in a dollarydoo or two or even picking up that last Party Crasher tier?

Image Credit – World Eater Games

Feel free to check out the Indiegogo campaign here. Additionally, you can check out a trailer for Bittersweet Birthday here.

What Is Bittersweet Birthday?

Bittersweet Birthday is a action-horror game that features both bullet-hell combat and exploration elements. Taking inspiration from games such as Undertale, Deltarune and the Zero Escape Series, Bittersweet Birthday sets you off on a journey to uncover the silent protagonist’s mysterious origin. You can read more about it in our original article here. But for those looking for a snapshot look at the game, here is some of what you can expect:

Image Credit – World Eater Games

Release Date & Price

Now that Bittersweet Birthday has reached its goal it will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch and PC in Q4 2022. You can currently access a free demo over on its Steam store page that lasts between 30 minutes to an hour and a half. While you’re over there, feel free to wishlist it to be notified of any future updates.

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