Vel 46 Gun Selection Warzone 2 Call of Duty

Best VEL 46 Loadout for Warzone Season 6

As Warzone Season 6 unfolds, the VEL 46 is proving itself a force to be reckoned with. This SMG, with its manageable recoil and versatile build options, has been encouraging more and more players to try it out.

The VEL 46 excels at close range but typically struggles at longer ranges. Its unique strengths lie in its rapid-fire capability. Our build controls recoil, extends damage range, and bullet velocity. This loadout will make it even more lethal at close range and make it competitive in the once un-winnable mid-range engagements.

Best Warzone Season 6 VEL 46 Loadout

The best attachments for the VEL 46 in Warzone Season 6 are:

  • Muzzle: Lacerta Compensator
  • Barrel: Tango 228 Barrel
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Underbarrel: OP-X9 Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: ZLR Combat Grip
Vel-46 Gun Selection Warzone 2
In-game Screenshot

What Does Each Attachment Do For The VEL 46 in Warzone?

To start with, the Lacerta Compensator and OP-X9 Foregrip significantly reduce the recoil, making it a breeze to handle. The Tango 228 Barrel is our recommended choice for this weapon. While it slightly reduces ADS speed, it boots damage range and bullet velocity by 12% and 24% respectively. This improves the weapon’s performance in mid-range engagements.

The Cronen Mini Pro provides clear sightlines, which can be crucial in the heat of battle in Warzone 2. Lastly, the ZLR Combat Grip reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil by 7%, helping you keep the reticle fixed on your opponent.

In Warzone Season 6, the VEL 46 dominates in close-range engagements making it an excellent choice for an aggressive playstyle. Armed with this guide, you are ready to unlock the VEL 46’s full potential and challenge enemies at longer ranges.

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